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[ suh-spen-did ]


  1. hung by attachment to something above:

    A suspended ceiling can conceal ducts and wiring, enhance acoustics, and provide thermal insulation.

  2. attached so as to allow free movement, as on a hinge:

    The wardrobe is available with either sliding doors or suspended doors.

  3. (of particles of one substance in the medium of another) kept from falling, sinking, forming a deposit, etc.:

    Her paper describes the content and dynamics of heavy metals in the suspended sediments of a coastal bay.

  4. held or kept undetermined or unformed:

    In order to understand others, you need an attitude of suspended judgment—an open mind.

  5. Law. (of a sentence) not required to be served, as long as the offender does not reoffend within a specified time period:

    After his first offense he was given a suspended sentence of one year’s probation, with no jail time.

  6. stopped, discontinued, or withdrawn, usually temporarily:

    Because he was not only impaired but driving on a suspended license, he was charged with aggravated DUI—a felony.

  7. debarred temporarily from exercising an office or privilege, usually as a form of discipline:

    Suspended students can come to our center for tutoring and counseling instead of just playing video games at home.

  8. deferred or postponed:

    Some defended the court’s suspended verdict, while others protested that “justice delayed is justice denied.”

  9. Music.
    1. (of a note or tone) prolonged or sustained into the next chord:

      The third piece, “Meditation,” uses suspended tones to capture a dreamy, contemplative mood.

    2. (of a chord) made by replacing the third note in a triad with an adjacent note, producing a lack of resolution:

      I think her acoustic guitar pieces rely too much on suspended chords.


  1. the simple past tense and past participle of suspend.
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Other Words From

  • non·sus·pend·ed adjective
  • self-sus·pend·ed adjective
  • un·sus·pend·ed adjective
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Word History and Origins

Origin of suspended1

First recorded in 1530–40; suspend ( def ) + -ed 2( def ) for the adjective senses; suspend ( def ) + -ed 1( def ) for the verb sense
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Example Sentences

Some fire pits come with grates that allow for cooking, but if you have one that doesn’t accommodate a grate, you can buy a steel tripod that will allow you to suspend a Dutch oven above your pit.

Only the day care’s food permit is temporarily suspended — but will be restored if Phillips complies with restrictions.

The actual business end of the telescope, where radio waves were sensed, was an instrument platform suspended high above it by cables strung from three towers.

An elevated walkway positions you at eye-level with suspended planes, functioning like a pandemic-conscious highway.

Far from comfortably suspended, due to the harness I planned to wear all night and the severe wedgie it caused, but suspended nonetheless.

They are always suspended over a precipice, dangling by a slender thread that shows every sign of snapping.

He was sentenced to 10 years in prison, with all but two and a half years suspended.

Time was suspended as the world watched and waited for news about the young, brave girl from the Swat Valley.

This may be precisely the point: that fiction at its best is a sphere of suspended belief as much as suspended disbelief.

From the roof of the barn is a long loop of rope, through this the turkey is suspended by its legs.

Because the universe is governed by laws, and there is no credible instance on record of those laws being suspended.

It was like a dream of beauty suspended in the air before you—floating there—and you didn't want to disturb it.

The three banks thereupon opened their doors and satisfied the note-holders, ordinary business being, meanwhile, suspended.

His mind had suspended its operations, whilst his physical eye stared upon vacancy.

A leather cased camera was suspended from his bull neck by means of a strap.


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