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[ suh-steynd ]


  1. kept in process or continued over time; continuous:

    National budgets need to reflect a sustained commitment to children's positive development, strong families, and caring communities.

  2. (of an injury, cost, etc.) borne, experienced, or suffered:

    Homeowner’s insurance is not available to cover sustained losses from a radiological accident.

  3. upheld or confirmed as valid:

    Nothing smacks more of courtroom defeat than ending a cross-examination on a sustained objection.


  1. the simple past tense and past participle of sustain.

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Other Words From

  • sus·tain·ed·ly [s, uh, -, stey, -nid-lee, -, steynd, -], adverb
  • non·sus·tained adjective
  • pre·sus·tained adjective
  • un·sus·tained adjective
  • well-sus·tained adjective

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Example Sentences

“Jeremy and I may have been the catalyst for how this began, but it’s really our bakers that sustain the effort,” said McKenzie.

Even after Solyndra’s failure, sustained public investments in solar R&D built the industry into a robust alternative to fossil fuels.

Burger King sustained its campaign momentum by using Promoted Video in the days following the Promoted Trend Spotlight, reinforcing its brand messaging while sharing more information.

From Digiday

We work closely with our R&D to enhance a few or to develop new applications, to sustain new methodologies on process.

A lower number is better, because it means you’re burning less energy to sustain the same pace.

Any restaurant with a sustained fame ends up becoming a set, of sorts, and on that front, Sotto Sotto cinched it.

What could have sustained him during these darkest of hours?

So yes, there was a lot of meaty stuff that sustained me over those eight years.

Beijing, famously, launched a coordinated and sustained attack against Google a half decade ago to injure its business in China.

The fact that the virus is still alive has sustained many safety concerns, both rational and irrational, about its use.

The faint candle-light glimmered on a ponderous gilded cornice, which had also sustained violence.

The allies sustained a loss of 20,000, and among them several experienced officers.

But for whatever injury the maker of the check may have sustained the bank must make good.

A few scratches here and there marred the polish of the frame and one cushion had sustained an ugly rent.

He can do another thing, accept the stock and sue for the damage he has sustained by the deceit that has been practiced on him.