swaddling clothes

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plural noun
  1. clothes consisting of long, narrow strips of cloth for swaddling an infant.

  2. long garments for an infant.

  1. the period of infancy or immaturity, as of a person, or incipience, as of a thing: Nuclear energy is still in its swaddling clothes.

  2. rigid supervision or restriction of actions or movements, as of the immature: new nations that are freeing themselves of their swaddling clothes.

Origin of swaddling clothes

First recorded in 1525–35
  • Also called swaddling bands (for defs. 1, 2).

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How to use swaddling clothes in a sentence

  • I reached for the things—swaddling clothes I called them—and Severnius helped me to array myself in them.

    Unveiling a Parallel | Alice Ilgenfritz Jones and Ella Marchant
  • When opened for the purpose of grasping the sugar, the body, which is hollow, discloses the image of a baby in swaddling clothes.

  • Otherwise, he is reduced to a state of mental infancy, and kept in intellectual swaddling clothes.

  • The new life of science was feeble at first, and remained long in its swaddling clothes.

  • I have yet to hear of the birth of this infant navy, for which we have not yet begun to make swaddling clothes.

    Richard Carvel, Complete | Winston Churchill

British Dictionary definitions for swaddling clothes

swaddling clothes

pl n
  1. long strips of linen or other cloth formerly wrapped round a newly born baby

  2. restrictions or supervision imposed on the immature

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