[ sweyj ]
/ sweɪdʒ /


a tool for bending cold metal to a required shape.
a tool, die, or stamp for giving a particular shape to metal on an anvil, in a stamping press, etc.

verb (used with object), swaged, swag·ing.

to bend or shape by means of a swage.
to reduce or taper (an object), as by forging or squeezing.

Origin of swage

1325–75; Middle English souage < Middle French


swag·er, noun
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Examples from the Web for swagers

  • Tom is about 16 years old about five feet high light chestnut coller, smart active boy, and swagers in his walk.

British Dictionary definitions for swagers

/ (sweɪdʒ) /


a shaped tool or die used in forming cold metal by hammering, pressing, etc
a decorative moulding


(tr) to form (metal) with a swage

Derived forms of swage

swager, noun

Word Origin for swage

C19: from French souage, of unknown origin
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