[swol-oh-wurt, -wawrt]


any of several plants of the milkweed family, especially a climbing vine, Cynanchum nigrum (black swallowwort), native to Europe, having small, brownish flowers.

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Origin of swallowwort

First recorded in 1540–50; swallow2 + wort2

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British Dictionary definitions for swallowwort



any of several Eurasian vines of the genus Cynanchum, esp C. nigrum, having small brownish-purple flowers: family Asclepiadaceae
a related European herbaceous plant, Vincetoxicum officinale (or Cynanchum vincetoxicum), having an emetic root
another name for greater celandine

Word Origin for swallowwort

C16: so called because the shape of its pod is reminiscent of a flying swallow

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