swamp fever

noun Pathology, Veterinary Pathology.

Also called infectious anemia of horses. an equine viral disease characterized by weakness and recurring fever, transmitted by contaminated food and water.



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Origin of swamp fever

An Americanism dating back to 1840–50
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Example sentences from the Web for swamp fever

  • It was Barrett's fault the job wasn't a clean one, an' now he picks me out to get the swamp-fever.

  • Watson's "cub pilot" he was, on the sick list, thin and weak with swamp-fever.

    Gideon's Band|George W. Cable
  • The endemic diseases of the islands are swamp-fever, diarrhœa, beri-beri, and typhoid.

    The Philippine Islands|Ramon Reyes Lala

British Dictionary definitions for swamp fever

swamp fever


Also called: equine infectious anaemia a viral disease of horses characterized by recurring fever, staggering gait, and general debility
US another name for malaria
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Medical definitions for swamp fever

swamp fever
[ swŏmp ]


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