/ (ˈswɒnɪ) /

  1. a variant spelling of Suwannee

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How to use Swanee in a sentence

  • Swanee Hunt on the women leading the charge in fixing how war and peace are waged.

  • Chris had the anodyne tablets already dissolved in water, and Swanee was passing out three lighted bracky weeds.

    Badge of Infamy | Lester del Rey
  • Swanee dug out a pack of worn cards and began to deal while Doc dug out some large pills to use as chips.

    Badge of Infamy | Lester del Rey
  • Far behind, at the very edge of the vast dark throng, some voices began singing: "Way down upon the Swanee ribber."

    The Patrician | John Galsworthy
  • Only Hotel Swanee and the two white churches remained untouched, sleeping on in green shade and sweet age.

    John March, Southerner | George W. Cable
  • A while later Johanna stopped at that familiar point which overlooked the valley of the Swanee and the slopes about Rosemont.

    John March, Southerner | George W. Cable