[ swair-ing-in ]
/ ˈswɛər ɪŋˈɪn /


an official ceremony where a person takes an oath of office, allegiance, etc.

Origin of swearing-in

1890–95; from verb phrase swear in; see -ing1

Definition for swearing in (2 of 2)

[ swair ]
/ swɛər /

verb (used without object), swore or (Archaic) sware; sworn; swear·ing.

verb (used with object), swore or (Archaic) sware; sworn; swear·ing.

Verb Phrases

Origin of swear

before 900; Middle English sweren, Old English swerian; cognate with German schwören, Old Norse sverja; akin to Gothic swaran to swear; see answer


swear·er, nounswear·ing·ly, adverbre·swear, verb, re·swore, re·sworn, re·swear·ing.un·der·swear·er, noun

synonym study for swear

4. See curse.
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British Dictionary definitions for swearing in

/ (swɛə) /

verb swears, swearing, swore or sworn


a period of swearing

Derived forms of swear

swearer, noun

Word Origin for swear

Old English swerian; related to Old Norse sverja, Gothic swaran, Old Frisian swera, German schwören
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