sweat lodge


  1. (among native North American peoples) a structure in which water is poured onto hot stones to make the occupants sweat for religious or medicinal purposes
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Example Sentences

Many guests opt out, he says, even though his sweat lodge is not “very hot.”

Terry Greene Sterling reports on the fallout of the sweat lodge business.

The spa ran a sweat lodge about once a month, until news of the Sedona deaths broke.

Now clients are not “as gung ho,” she said, and the spa has offered only one sweat-lodge experience this year.

In 2006, the International Spa Association promoted “sweat-lodge ceremonies” as a “one-of-a-kind experience.”

Well, first you must go to the sweat-lodge, and purify yourself so that you can pray to Getanittowit, the Great One.

No Klamath or Modoc sweat-lodge can be properly called a sweat-house, as is the custom throughout the West.

You shall build the lodge like the world, round, with walls, but first you must build a sweat-lodge of one hundred sticks.

There he immediately built a fire and heated stones for the first sweat lodge.

Upon the great stone heating in the fire within the sweat-lodge an Indian lad poured water.





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