sweating sickness


a febrile epidemic disease that appeared in the 15th and 16th centuries: characterized by profuse sweating and frequently fatal in a few hours.

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Origin of sweating sickness

First recorded in 1495–1505
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  • It had some of the sweating-sickness symptoms, but was distinct from it in other respects.

    For the Faith|Evelyn Everett-Green
  • What if the sweating-sickness, emphatically called the English disease, were to show itself again?

    Colloquies on Society|Robert Southey
  • To one of those ancient scourges of the population, the sweating-sickness, Dame Bunsby succumbed.

British Dictionary definitions for sweating sickness

sweating sickness


the nontechnical name for miliary fever
an acute infectious febrile disease that was widespread in Europe during the late 15th century, characterized by profuse sweating
a disease of cattle, esp calves, prevalent in southern Africa. Transmitted by ticks, it is characterized by sweating, hair loss, and inflammation of the mouth and eyes
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