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[sweed-n-bawrg; Swedish sveyd-n-bawr-yuh]
  1. E·ma·nu·el [ih-man-yoo-uh l; Swedish e-mah-noo-uh l] /ɪˈmæn yu əl; Swedish ɛˈmɑ nu əl/, Emanuel Swedberg, 1688–1772, Swedish scientist, philosopher, and mystic.
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Historical Examples of swedenborg

  • He was fond of Swedenborg, and in his early youth relished Tom Paine.

    Robert Toombs

    Pleasant A. Stovall

  • However, it is not on this reasoning alone that Swedenborg relies.

  • What Swedenborg saw upon that earth has no special interest.

  • One passage of Swedenborg's description of Jupiter is curious.

  • The value of Swedenborg lies largely in what you can read into him.

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  1. Emanuel (eˈmanuel). original surname Svedberg. 1688–1772, Swedish scientist and theologian, whose mystical ideas became the basis of a religious movement
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