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[ sahy-der ]
/ ˈsaɪ dər /


the juice pressed from apples (or formerly from some other fruit) used for drinking, either before fermentation (sweet cider) or after fermentation (hard cider), or for making applejack, vinegar, etc.
Also British, cy·der.

Origin of cider

1250–1300; Middle English sidre < Middle French < Old French si(s)dre < Late Latin sīcera strong drink < Septuagint Greek sī́kera < Hebrew shēkhār (Levit. 10:9); replacing Middle English sithere < Old French sidre


ci·der·ish, ci·der·like, adjective
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  • What made it worse was, the barrel was marked 'sweet-cider vinegar,' after all.

    Donald and Dorothy|Mary Mapes Dodge

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/ (ˈsaɪdə) /


Also called (US): hard cider an alcoholic drink made from the fermented juice of apples
Also called: sweet cider US and Canadian an unfermented drink made from apple juice

Word Origin for cider

C14: from Old French cisdre, via Medieval Latin, from Late Greek sikera strong drink, from Hebrew shēkhār

British Dictionary definitions for sweet cider (2 of 2)

sweet cider


British cider having a high sugar content
US and Canadian unfermented apple juiceCompare hard cider
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