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[ sweet-n ]

verb (used with object)

  1. to make sweet, as by adding sugar.
  2. to make mild or kind; soften.
  3. to lessen the acridity or pungency of (a food) by prolonged cooking.
  4. to reduce the saltiness of (a food or dish) by diluting with water, milk, or other liquid.
  5. to make (the breath, room air, etc.) sweet or fresh, as with a mouthwash, spray, etc.
  6. (in musical recording) to add musical instruments to (an arrangement), especially strings for a lusher sound.
  7. Chemistry.
    1. to make (the stomach, soil, etc.) less acidic, as by means of certain preparations, chemicals, etc.
    2. to remove sulfur and its compounds from (oil or gas).
  8. Informal.
    1. to enhance the value of (loan collateral) by including additional or especially valuable securities.
    2. to add to the value or attractiveness of (any proposition, holding, etc.).
  9. to add more liquor to (an alcoholic drink).
  10. Poker. to add stakes to (a pot) before opening.

verb (used without object)

  1. to become sweet or sweeter.


/ ˈswiːtən /


  1. also intr to make or become sweet or sweeter
  2. to mollify or soften (a person)
  3. to make more agreeable
  4. also intr chem to free or be freed from unpleasant odours, acidic or corrosive substances, or the like
  5. finance to raise the value of (loan collateral) by adding more securities
  6. informal.
    poker to enlarge (the pot) by adding chips
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Other Words From

  • non·sweetened adjective
  • outsweeten verb (used with object)
  • over·sweeten verb (used with object)
  • pre·sweeten verb (used with object)
  • re·sweeten verb
  • un·sweetened adjective
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Word History and Origins

Origin of sweeten1

First recorded in 1545–55; sweet + -en 1
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Example Sentences

Integrating Bouncer’s card scanning and risk technology into the Radar stack will both sweeten the deal for people to buy those services from Stripe, but also make the tools more effective.

While they haven’t tested the theory on humans, the scientists found that young rats that consumed sugar-sweetened beverages daily had impaired performance on memory tasks as adults.

From Ozy

Whisk in the sweetened condensed milk, bottled key lime juice and fresh lime juice until fully combined.

To sweeten the report, families offer a bribe of sugar to the Kitchen God — smearing the image with something sweet and then burning it, so it can ascend to heaven.

From Ozy

If you don’t like his criticisms, then suggest he can either sweeten up or go home.

Cameroon released several Boko Haram detainees to sweeten the deal.

Right now your company likes to sweeten the pot by paying you in tax-deductible fringe benefits, including corporate junkets.

If the administration is correct, then there should be no need to sweeten the pot.

He likes to sweeten the negotiations with a little food, drink, and social lubrication, no matter the circumstances.

You can reuse the syrup to sweeten tea or make another batch of apple chips.

She smiled kindly on me, much as a goddess designs to sweeten the life of a mortal with a glance.

You said yourself I wanted violets to sweeten me and hammers to soften me—you think I'm so bitter and so hard.

The figure is that the law in itself is often like a sharp and bitter flavor, but that a good judge will sweeten this.

There was sugar enough in the bowl to sweeten all their tea the next day, and so far all went well.

Well, I will bear mine antler'd honours as I may—gold shall gild them; and for my disgrace, revenge shall sweeten it.


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