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verb (used with object)
  1. to make sweet, as by adding sugar.
  2. to make mild or kind; soften.
  3. to lessen the acridity or pungency of (a food) by prolonged cooking.
  4. to reduce the saltiness of (a food or dish) by diluting with water, milk, or other liquid.
  5. to make (the breath, room air, etc.) sweet or fresh, as with a mouthwash, spray, etc.
  6. (in musical recording) to add musical instruments to (an arrangement), especially strings for a lusher sound.
  7. Chemistry.
    1. to make (the stomach, soil, etc.) less acidic, as by means of certain preparations, chemicals, etc.
    2. to remove sulfur and its compounds from (oil or gas).
  8. Informal.
    1. to enhance the value of (loan collateral) by including additional or especially valuable securities.
    2. to add to the value or attractiveness of (any proposition, holding, etc.).
  9. to add more liquor to (an alcoholic drink).
  10. Poker. to add stakes to (a pot) before opening.
verb (used without object)
  1. to become sweet or sweeter.

Origin of sweeten

First recorded in 1545–55; sweet + -en1
Related formsnon·sweet·ened, adjectiveout·sweet·en, verb (used with object)o·ver·sweet·en, verb (used with object)pre·sweet·en, verb (used with object)re·sweet·en, verbun·sweet·ened, adjective
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verb (mainly tr)
  1. (also intr) to make or become sweet or sweeter
  2. to mollify or soften (a person)
  3. to make more agreeable
  4. (also intr) chem to free or be freed from unpleasant odours, acidic or corrosive substances, or the like
  5. finance, mainly US to raise the value of (loan collateral) by adding more securities
  6. informal poker to enlarge (the pot) by adding chips
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Word Origin and History for sweeten

1550s, from sweet (adj.) + verbal ending -en (1). The Middle English form of the verb was simply sweet, from Old English swetan. Related: Sweetened; sweetening.

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