[ swel-ter-ing ]
/ ˈswɛl tər ɪŋ /


suffering oppressive heat.
characterized by oppressive heat; sultry.

Origin of sweltering

First recorded in 1565–75; swelter + -ing2

Related forms

swel·ter·ing·ly, adverbun·swel·ter·ing, adjective

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[ swel-ter ]
/ ˈswɛl tər /

verb (used without object)

to suffer from oppressive heat.

verb (used with object)

to oppress with heat.
Archaic. to exude, as venom.


a sweltering condition.

Origin of swelter

1375–1425; late Middle English swelt(e)ren (v.), equivalent to swelt(en) to be overcome with heat (Old English sweltan to die; cognate with Old Norse svelta, Gothic swiltan) + -eren -er6

Related forms

un·swel·tered, adjective
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/ (ˈswɛltərɪŋ) /


oppressively hot and humida sweltering day

Derived Forms

swelteringly, adverb

British Dictionary definitions for sweltering (2 of 2)


/ (ˈswɛltə) /


(intr) to suffer under oppressive heat, esp to sweat and feel faint
(tr) archaic to exude (venom)
(tr) rare to cause to suffer under oppressive heat


a sweltering condition (esp in the phrase in a swelter)
oppressive humid heat

Word Origin for swelter

C15 swelten, from Old English sweltan to die; related to Old Norse svelta to starve, Old High German swelzan to burn with passion; see sultry
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