[ swen-suhn ]


  1. May, 1919–89, U.S. poet.

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Example Sentences

BVR: Do you have a relationship these days with Army Captain Will Swenson?

DM: I still think Will Swenson deserves the medal and I think that he acted courageously that day.

Richard Ben Cramer explores the abduction of Olympic athlete Kari Swenson and the indefatigable sheriff who hunted her abductor.

And nobody reckoned on Kari Swenson getting back to the ski trail so fast and so strong.

In fact, you could call Kari Swenson a proper belle of Bozeman, the perfect flower of the New West.

It is too bad we won't see Otillie's wedding things, but that isn't our fault as I shall explain to Mrs. Swenson.

But this did not satisfy Mr. Swenson, so he instructed Wallace to call up the apartment again and insist on talking to Mr. Rice.

Half an hour later Short returned to Swenson's, where the check was examined by one of the firm.

And in accordance with this Jones informed Swenson that Rice had died at eight o'clock the previous evening.

She was Mrs. Swenson, a short, plump farm mother and old-time settler of the valley.