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[ swift-lee ]


  1. with great speed or velocity:

    Catching a reflection in my mask lens, I swiftly turned around to see an 18-foot great white shark just yards away, looking straight at me!

  2. without delay; promptly; quickly:

    Behavior issues will be dealt with swiftly and decisively.

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Example Sentences

By the time the 200th episode, “Fan Fiction,” aired in 2014, the show had come around swiftly to a full embrace of its fandom as being full of geeky, passionate women.

From Vox

Hallucinogenic mushrooms’ key ingredient, psilocybin, can swiftly and dramatically ease depression in the right therapeutic setting, a small study suggests.

The trial-and-error approach also means that some products get swiftly pulled off shelves again if they flop.

From Fortune

Quiet, declarative, it suggests we’re about to skim swaths of time and space smoothly as an airborne drone, dropping swiftly and steeply into lives we already sense we’ll want to know.

For example, election officials might not have a voter’s current phone number or email address to swiftly contact them if their ballot is rejected.

From Vox

Every once in a while, they act swiftly and acknowledge the problem.

We will not be able to win it back any more easily or swiftly that Roy Hobbs.

What had been intended as an on-the-record interview swiftly went off.

Republicans took control of the state legislature and swiftly eliminated the cap on charter schools.

Corrective action was taken to address this issue swiftly.

By his commandment he maketh the snow to fall apace, and sendeth forth swiftly the lightnings of his judgment.

“Yes; that would be indispensible,” said the baron, whose eyes were sweeping the room from corner to corner, fiercely and swiftly.

The kites soared, and the boats rushed swiftly over the calm and glittering sea.

They had reached the river now, and took a seat where they could look out over its swiftly moving waters.

But her attention was all absorbed by the swiftly executed act by which Garnache had gained at least a temporary advantage.





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