[ swoh-luh n ]
/ ˈswoʊ lən /


a past participle of swell.


enlarged by or as by swelling; puffed up; tumid.
turgid or bombastic.

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Related formsswol·len·ly, adverbswol·len·ness, nounun·swol·len, adjective

Origin of swell

before 900; Middle English swellen (v.), Old English swellan; cognate with Dutch zwellen, German schwellen, Old Norse svella; akin to Gothic ufswalleins pride

Related formsre·swell, verb, re·swelled, re·swelled or re·swol·len, re·swell·ing.un·der·swell, verb (used without object), un·der·swelled, un·der·swelled or un·der·swol·len, un·der·swell·ing.un·der·swell, nounun·swelled, adjective

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British Dictionary definitions for swollen


/ (ˈswəʊlən) /


a past participle of swell


tumid or enlarged by or as if by swelling
turgid or bombastic
Derived Formsswollenly, adverbswollenness, noun


/ (swɛl) /

verb swells, swelling, swelled, swollen or swelled



informal stylish or grand
slang excellent; first-class

Word Origin for swell

Old English swellan; related to Old Norse svella, Old Frisian swella, German schwellen

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