[ simp-tuh-mat-ik ]
/ ˌsɪmp təˈmæt ɪk /


pertaining to a symptom or symptoms.
of the nature of or constituting a symptom; indicative (often fol by of): a condition symptomatic of cholera; a disagreement that was symptomatic of the deterioration in their relationship.
according to symptoms: a symptomatic classification of disease.
Sometimes symp·to·mat·i·cal.

Origin of symptomatic

1690–1700; < Medieval Latin symptōmaticus, equivalent to Late Latin symptōmat- (stem of symptōma) symptom + -icus -ic

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British Dictionary definitions for symptomatic

/ (ˌsɪmptəˈmætɪk) /


(often foll by of) being a symptom; indicativesymptomatic of insanity
of or relating to a symptom or symptoms
according to symptomsa symptomatic analysis of a case

Derived forms of symptomatic

symptomatically, adverb
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Medical definitions for symptomatic

[ sĭm′tə-mătĭk, sĭmp′- ]


Of, relating to, or based on symptoms.
Constituting a symptom, as of a disease.
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