[ sin-dem-ik ]

  1. the co-occurrence of more than one epidemic, as HIV and tuberculosis, or substance abuse and mental illness, especially in relation to the biological, social, and psychological interactions of these conditions: Poverty is a systemic precondition for the syndemic of obesity and undernutrition.

Origin of syndemic

syn(ergistic) + (epi)demic; coined in 1944 by Merrill Singer, U.S. medical anthropologist (born 1950)
  • Also called syn·er·gis·tic ep·i·dem·ic [sin-er-jis-tik ep-i-dem-ik] /ˌsɪn ərˈdʒɪs tɪk ˌɛp ɪˈdɛm ɪk/ .

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