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[sin-duh-sis, sin-dee-]
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noun, plural syn·de·ses [sin-duh-seez, sin-dee-seez] /ˈsɪn dəˌsiz, sɪnˈdi siz/. Cell Biology.
  1. synapsis(def 1).
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Origin of syndesis

< New Latin < Greek sýndesis equivalent to syn- syn- + désis a binding together, equivalent to de- (stem of deîn to bind) + -sis -sis
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British Dictionary definitions for syndesis


noun grammar
  1. the use of syndetic constructions
  2. another name for polysyndeton (def. 2)
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Word Origin

C20: from Greek, from sundein to bind together, from syn- + dein to bind
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syndesis in Medicine


(sĭndĭ-sĭs, sĭn-dē-)
  1. arthrodesis