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[ sin-di-key-tid ]


  1. combined into a syndicate, a group of individuals or organizations jointly undertaking some task, business project, or similar endeavor:

    Only members aged 21 and over of any of the four syndicated clubs may apply for membership in “Four-way Golf.”

  2. published simultaneously in a number of newspapers or other periodicals:

    She writes an internationally syndicated column for the Nation and the Guardian.

  3. Television. (of a program, series, etc.) sold directly to independent stations:

    I was the creator, writer, and host of a syndicated children’s science show in the 1990s.

  4. of or being a group or association of gangsters controlling organized crime:

    The syndicated ring, a well-established commercial pornography enterprise, involves multiple offenders and victims.

  5. (of a risk venture, loan, or the like) offered to investors, speculators, etc., for shared participation:

    Two international banks have already pledged €215 million for the wind farm project, partially through a syndicated loan.


  1. the simple past tense and past participle of syndicate.

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Other Words From

  • non·syn·di·cat·ed adjective
  • re·syn·di·cat·ed adjective
  • un·syn·di·cat·ed adjective

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Word History and Origins

Origin of syndicated1

First recorded in 1650–60, for an earlier sense; 1960–65 syndicated fordef 3; syndicate ( def ) + -ed 2( def ) for the adjective senses; syndicate ( def ) + -ed 1( def ) for the verb sense

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Example Sentences

Among the issues fought for by striking writers: Residuals for syndicated rebroadcasts of television shows.

Dahl went on to attain nationwide fame and his own syndicated broadcast as a result of Disco Demolition Night.

At the same time she moonlighted for 11 years as the emcee of the Disney-syndicated game show Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?

In addition to the 12:30 Late Late Show spot, execs also offered Oliver the option of some sort of different, syndicated show.

With more than a minute cut out of the reruns, syndicated episodes often drop entire relevant-to-the-plot scenes and B stories.

My outing had cost me twice what I had calculated upon, and, thus far, I had only syndicated a few letters and a handful of poems.

I know enough about the situation, the Governor has practically nothing to do with syndicated crime.

In this capacity I write a syndicated column on higher education which Tulane distributes to 85 newspapers throughout the country.

This he syndicated in conjunction with the other letter, and the editors invariably grouped the two letters.

At the one extreme is the so-called laboring class, and at the other are the syndicated and corporate and monopolized interests.