[ sin-di-key-shuhn ]
/ ˌsɪn dɪˈkeɪ ʃən /
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the state or fact of being published simultaneously, or supplied for simultaneous publication, in a number of newspapers or other periodicals:This July, her edgy, cult-favorite comic strip is set to launch in newspapers nationwide under syndication by United Media.
content that is aired, or supplied for airing, on a number of media outlets in different places:Our goal is to have a radio station that is live and local during the day, with little or no syndication.
Television. (of a series, program, etc.) the state or fact of having been sold directly to independent stations for airing:Star Trek famously had low ratings when it was originally broadcast, but it became a cult classic in syndication during the 1970s, and has had a major influence on popular culture.
Finance. the act or process of sharing the financial risk of a business venture, loan, or the like, as by pooling resources or capital:If your project requires a large sum of money, loan syndication is a good alternative.
Finance. the combining of individuals or organizations into a group in order to undertake some specific duty or carry out specific transactions or negotiations: For individual investors, syndication can be a way to build a more diversified portfolio, spread risk and improve their returns.
Computers. a process by which access to content or updates can be shared between websites or between a website and the end user, often by means of a feed:The information given is in the public domain, but we encourage organizations to mirror our web text through content syndication rather than copying our text onto their websites.A podcast is a digital media series in which episodes are released periodically and made available through web syndication.
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an·ti·syn·di·ca·tion, nounnon·syn·di·ca·tion, nounsub·syn·di·ca·tion, nounsu·per·syn·di·ca·tion, noun
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