[ sahyn ]

adverb, preposition, conjunctionScot. and North England.

Origin of syne

1300–50; Middle English (north) seine, syn, contraction of sethen since; see sith

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How to use syne in a sentence

  • I'm thinking—I'll just come—and cuik till ye a wee—for auld lang syne—thretty schelln the day—an' ye'll buy the flesh o' me.

  • Mickle thocht we o' the gentles ayont the sea, an' sair grat we for a' frien's we kent lang syne in oor ain countree.

  • As the ship began to move a band on the shade-deck struck up "Auld Lang syne," and immediately the floodgates were unlocked.

    The Relief of Mafeking | Filson Young
  • Ay, it micht mak them humble to see hoo foolish they are syne.

    A Window in Thrums | J. M. Barrie
  • "Weel, it's forty-one years syne come Michaelmas," said Jess.

    A Window in Thrums | J. M. Barrie

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/ (səɪn) /

adverb, preposition, conjunction
  1. a Scot word for since

Origin of syne

C14: probably related to Old English sīth since

British Dictionary definitions for syne (2 of 2)



/ (səɪn) Scot /

  1. (tr) to rinse; wash out

  1. a rinse

Origin of syne

C14: of uncertain origin

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