[ sin-er-jist, si-nur- ]
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  1. Physiology, Medicine/Medical. a body organ, medicine, etc., that cooperates with another or others to produce or enhance an effect.

  2. Chemistry, Pharmacology. any admixture to a substance for increasing the effectiveness of one or more of its properties.

  1. Theology. a person who holds the doctrine of synergism.

Origin of synergist

1650–60; <New Latin synergista<Greek synerg(ós) (see synergism) + New Latin -ista-ist

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/ (ˈsɪnədʒɪst, sɪˈnɜː-) /

  1. a drug, muscle, etc, that increases the action of another

  2. Christian theol an upholder of synergism

  1. of or relating to synergism

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