[ sin-uh-zee-sis ]
/ ˌsɪn əˈzi sɪs /
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noun Phonetics.
the combination into one syllable of two vowels (or of a vowel and a diphthong) that do not form a diphthong.
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Also called synaeresis.

Origin of synizesis

1840–50; <Late Latin <Greek synízēsis, equivalent to syn-syn- + (h)iz- (stem of hízein to sit1) + -ēsis-esis
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How to use synizesis in a sentence

  • The synizesis and synapsis stages are similar to those in Chelymorpha (figs. 61 and 62).

    Studies in Spermatogenesis|Nettie Maria Stevens

British Dictionary definitions for synizesis

/ (ˌsɪnɪˈziːsɪs) /

phonetics the contraction of two vowels originally belonging to separate syllables into a single syllable, without diphthongizationCompare syneresis
cytology the contraction of chromatin towards one side of the nucleus during the prophase of meiosis

Word Origin for synizesis

C19: via Late Latin from Greek sunizēsis a collapse, from sunizanein to sink down, from syn- + hizein to sit
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Medical definitions for synizesis

[ sĭn′ĭ-zēsĭs ]

Closure or obliteration of the pupil of the eye.
The phase of meiosis in some species in which the chromatin contracts into a mass at one side of the nucleus.
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