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  1. syrup.
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Historical Examples

  • Than called the man with an hye voyce to the frere and sayd: syr, he sayeth he wyll not.

    Shakespeare Jest-Books;


  • Than he sayde thus: ye, syr, I thanke God I haue fulfylled it.

  • Ye, syr, quod the penytente, ye say truthe; that was the laste yeare.

  • So she toke the boke in her hande and sayd: By this boke, syr, ye be a cokolde.

  • She asked him, as was her gyse: syr, wyll ye haue any fygges; they be fayre and good?

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abbreviation for
  1. Syria (international car registration)
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abbreviation for
  1. Syria
  2. Syriac
  3. Syrian
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