[ sir-uh-kyoos, -kyooz ]


  1. a city in central New York.
  2. Italian Siracusa. a seaport in SE Sicily: ancient city founded by the Carthaginians 734 b.c.; battles 413 b.c., 212 b.c.



  1. ˈsaɪrəˌkjuːz a port in SW Italy, in SE Sicily on the Ionian Sea: founded in 734 bc by Greeks from Corinth and taken by the Romans in 212 bc , after a siege of three years. Pop: 123 657 (2001) Italian nameSiracusa
  2. ˈsɪrəˌkjuːs a city in central New York State, on Lake Onondaga: site of the capital of the Iroquois Indian federation. Pop: 144 001 (2003 est)

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  • Syra·cusan adjective noun

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Example Sentences

Its audit of the city of Syracuse’s water system, for example, found shared user passwords and accounts that hadn’t been disabled long after employees left the city.

It’s unclear if a player or other Tier 1 team member tested positive, although CBS Sports reported it was a player who participated in Virginia’s win over Syracuse on Thursday.

Syracuse scored the next six in a row before Hauser made two foul shots and reclaimed the lead for the Cavaliers with a three-pointer.

Wooden, 51, a former Syracuse linebacker, has nearly 24 years of experience in NFL scouting, starting as a pro personnel assistant with the New York Jets.

After Saturday’s win over Boston College, Syracuse Coach Jim Boeheim — one of Krzyzewski’s closest friends in the coaching industry — defended the Duke coach’s right to send his players home but said it wasn’t something he would be doing.

DeCrow would come to lead a movement against this practice, suing the Hotel Syracuse in 1969 and calling for protests and sit-ins.

He would get me little gigs at bars or restaurants in Syracuse, and I would perform and sing for my meal.

It occurred when he became a full professor with tenure at Syracuse University.

For a moment, Tiffany imagines her two friends doing something slightly wicked, like joy-riding around Syracuse.

I do see a matchup of Syracuse and Florida coming out of there.

Moreover, on the coins of Syracuse the dog as the emblem of constancy is represented in company with the goddess Diana.

“Syracuse will defend me,” she asserted, brave against danger.

Every hand in Syracuse might itch to clasp it in the reign of Robert the Bad.

If you come near me,” she cried, “I will ring this bell and Syracuse will guard me.

She and he would go down hand in hand into the streets of Syracuse.


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