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noun, plural tab·bies.
  1. a cat with a striped or brindled coat.
  2. a domestic cat, especially a female one.
  3. a spinster.
  4. a spiteful female gossip or tattler.
  5. plain weave.
  6. a watered silk fabric, or any other watered material, as moreen.
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  1. striped or brindled.
  2. made of or resembling tabby.
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verb (used with object), tab·bied, tab·by·ing.
  1. to give a wavy or watered appearance to, as silk.
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Origin of tabby1

1630–40; back formation from French tabis (taken as plural), Middle French (a)tabis silk cloth < Medieval Latin attābi < Arabic ʿattābī, derivative of (al-)ʿAttābīyah, quarter of Baghdad where the silk was first made, literally, the quarter of (Prince) ʿAttāb


  1. (in the southeastern U.S.) a building material composed of ground oyster shells, lime, and sand, mixed with salt water.
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Origin of tabby2

An Americanism dating back to 1765–75; said to be of West African orig.
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Historical Examples

  • Is not a soft, white-breasted maltese or tabby as attractive?

    Concerning Cats

    Helen M. Winslow

  • But it's about as nigh to Joe's as 'tis to Tabby's, seems to me.

    Fair Harbor

    Joseph Crosby Lincoln

  • I started as though I had seen a tabby pounce down from the rigging!

  • Ah, Tabby, what a deal of secret misery there is in the world!

  • Tabby, old maids are a public nuisance, not to say dangerous.

British Dictionary definitions for tabby


  1. a fabric with a watered pattern, esp silk or taffeta
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Word Origin

C17: from Old French tabis silk cloth, from Arabic al-`attabiya, literally: the quarter of (Prince) `Attab, the part of Baghdad where the fabric was first made


  1. (esp of cats) brindled with dark stripes or wavy markings on a lighter background
  2. having a wavy or striped pattern, particularly in colours of grey and brown
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noun plural -bies
  1. a tabby cat
  2. any female domestic cat
  3. British informal a gossiping old woman
  4. Australian slang any girl or woman
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Word Origin

C17: from Tabby, pet form of the girl's name Tabitha, probably influenced by tabby 1
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Word Origin and History for tabby


1630s, "striped silk taffeta," from French tabis "a rich, watered silk (originally striped)," from Middle French atabis (14c.), from Arabic 'attabiya, from 'Attabiy, a neighborhood of Baghdad where such cloth was first made, named for prince 'Attab of the Omayyad dynasty. Tabby cat, one with a striped coat, is attested from 1690s; shortened form tabby first attested 1774. Sense of "female cat" (1826) may be influenced by the fem. proper name Tabby, a pet form of Tabitha, which was used in late 18c. as slang for "difficult old woman."

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