[ ta-blahy-nuhm ]

noun,plural tab·li·na [ta-blahy-nuh]. /tæˈblaɪ nə/.
  1. (in an ancient Roman house) a large, open room at the side of the peristyle farthest from the main entrance.

Origin of tablinum

1820–30; <Latin tab(u)līnum, equivalent to tabula (see table) + -īnum, neuter of -īnus-ine1

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How to use tablinum in a sentence

  • The height of the tablinum at the lintel should be one eighth more than its width.

  • On the centre of the side facing the vestibule was the tablinum, the apartment of Caius Muro himself.

    Beric the Briton | G. A. Henty
  • If it is from thirty to forty feet, let half the width of the atrium be devoted to the tablinum.

  • This proposal pleased the old slave, and a short time after Gorgias entered the venerable philosopher's tablinum.

    Cleopatra, Complete | Georg Ebers
  • People took their meals in the veranda in summer, and to it the name tablinum was naturally applied.