abbreviation for

  1. Treatment Action Campaign, a pressure group that campaigns for the medical rights of pregnant women with HIV or AIDS

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Example Sentences

The HAZ TAC paramedics donned special protective gear before they ventured inside the building.

TAC as a percentage of total ad revenue rose from 24 percent in the third quarter of 2011 to 26 percent in the current quarter.

The police have a new frequency, TAC-U, that the FDNY can access, at least theoretically.

And even more surprising, the same flaw showed up in various tic-tac-toe lottery tickets all across North America.

I nervously said something about her shirt being off, and she laughed, and we switched the game to Tic Tac Toe.

The cadets, who were out for fun by this time and angry besides, guyed the unpopular "tac" with a vengeance.

Cadet Powers was dared to come out and lasso a stray "tac," whose blue-uniformed figure was visible out on the parade ground.

The last closing ceremony of a West Point day in camp is the watchful "tac's" inspection.

They crept up the company street, laughing and talking in whispers, for fear they should arouse the tac.

Having attended to this duty, the tac likewise retires and Camp McPherson sinks into the slumbers of the night.