1. any of several resinous substances, used in incenses, ointments, etc.
  2. any tree, as of the genera Bursera and Populus, yielding such a product.
  3. balsam poplar.
Also tac·a·ma·hac·a [tak-uh-muh-hak-uh] /ˌtæk ə məˈhæk ə/, tacmahack.

Origin of tacamahac

1570–80; < Mexican Spanish tecama(ha)ca < Nahuatl tecamac resin used in medicine
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  1. any of several strong-smelling resinous gums obtained from certain trees, used in making ointments, incense, etc
  2. any tree yielding this resin, esp the balsam poplar

Word Origin for tacamahac

C16: from Spanish tacamahaca, from Nahuatl tecomahca aromatic resin
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