[tas-i-tuh s]


Pub·li·us Cornelius [puhb-lee-uh s] /ˈpʌb li əs/, a.d. c55–c120, Roman historian.

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  • I had gone three times through the whole of Livy, Sallust, and Tacitus.


    Samuel Smiles

  • Such, according to Tacitus, was the supreme God of the Germans.

  • Tacitus mentions other German gods; the two statements are both true.

    History of Religion

    Allan Menzies

  • Wills also were borrowed from Rome, and were unknown to the Germans of Tacitus.

    The Common Law

    Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.

  • The Roman emperors were not so bad as Tacitus describes them.

    The Life of Napoleon Bonaparte

    William Milligan Sloane

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Publius Cornelius (ˈpʌblɪəs kɔːˈniːljəs). ?55–?120 ad, Roman historian and orator, famous as a prose stylist. His works include the Histories, dealing with the period 68–96, and the Annals, dealing with the period 14–68
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