[ tahk-toos ]

  1. the basic metrical unit in medieval music.

Origin of tactus

<Latin tāctus touch; see tact

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How to use tactus in a sentence

  • Abbot Michael, he says, tactus est communi incommodo inter primos de suis monachis qui illo letali morbo percussi sunt.

  • On the contrary, I am become an advocate for the passion; for I too am cœlo tactus, Currus bene se habet.

  • One need have well-educated fingers—what surgeons call the tactus eruditus—to work like this in the dark.

    Sail Ho! | George Manville Fenn
  • tactus, Touching is propper to a crooked line, compared either with a right line or crooked, as is manifest out of the 2.

    The Way To Geometry | Peter Ramus
  • The tactus eruditus extends to the mind as well as to the finger-ends.

    Medical Essays | Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.