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[ teyld ]


  1. having a tail. tails.
  2. having a tail tails of a specified kind (usually used in combination):

    a ring-tailed monkey.

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  • un·tailed adjective

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Word History and Origins

Origin of tailed1

Middle English word dating back to 1250–1300; tail 1, -ed 3

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Example Sentences

Identifying the most valuable long and short-tailed keywords, capturing user intent and expert placement of excellent coverage are important pieces of the puzzle.

Yinpterochiropterans dwell in the Eastern Hemisphere and include flying foxes as well as a few other families such as the horseshoe and mouse-tailed bats.

Broad-striped vontsiras appeared in 31 captures, while the ring-tailed species showed up in just 16.

She and the magazine’s editors helped come up with the car’s name, evoking the short-tailed Manx cat that the car vaguely resembled.

Given the small sample sizes, we also use a fat-tailed distribution for many of the error components, including the national Election Day error, to reflect the small — but not zero — possibility of a larger error than what we’ve seen historically.

Israel high-tailed it to a campground in western Massachusetts, where he began to grow a beard.

Is bushy-tailed new GOP vice-presidential candidate Paul Ryan the right choice for Mitt Romney?

One British reporter who tailed him through the day said he was “somewhat robotic—not particularly presidential.”

To that end, you must be as bright-eyed and bushy-tailed as possible.

Was it some one who had watched the swift, sure-footed spring of a bushy-tailed squirrel from branch to branch?

They were not the nervous, string-halt jacks of the prairies, but the smaller black-tailed variety.

The fat-rumped and the broad-tailed sheep are much more extensively diffused than any other.

Edwards has given a figure and description of this animal by the denomination of the pig-tailed ape.

With reverence I shall worship thee who art long-tailed like a horse, Agni, king of worship.


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