or Ta·djik, Ta·dzhik

[tah-jik, -jeek; Russian tuh-jik]

noun, plural Ta·jiks, (especially collectively) Ta·jik for 1.

a member of a people living mainly in Tadzhikistan, as well as parts of Afghanistan and China.
Also Ta·ji·ki [tah-ji-kee, tah-jee-] /ˈtɑ dʒɪ ki, tɑˈdʒi-/. the Iranian language spoken by the Tajiks, closely related to Persian but in Tadzhikistan written in the Cyrillic alphabet.

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British Dictionary definitions for tajiki


Tadzhiki Tajik or Tadzhik


the language of the Tajik, belonging to the West Iranian subbranch of the Indo-European family


of or relating to the Tajik or their language


noun plural -jik

a member of a Persian-speaking Muslim people inhabiting Tajikistan and parts of Sinkiang in W China
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