/ (tæˈkaʊ) /

  1. the Japanese name for Kaohsiung

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How to use Takao in a sentence

  • Prof. Takao Tanase also believes that Japan will ratify the convention, but not fully implement it.

    Japan’s Child Kidnapping Problem | Nathalie-Kyoko Stucky, Jake Adelstein | May 19, 2013 | THE DAILY BEAST
  • In everything I depended upon Takao, and he in return became devotedly attached to me.

    Human Bullets | Tadayoshi Sakurai
  • Bunkichi Takao, my servant soldier, wept bitterly and said he could never leave me.

    Human Bullets | Tadayoshi Sakurai
  • Bunkichi Takao, my servant, was one of the company whom I had trained in the garrison.

    Human Bullets | Tadayoshi Sakurai
  • Heaven seemed willing to spare the life of such a sincere man as Takao.

    Human Bullets | Tadayoshi Sakurai
  • Jurobei set to work to unfasten the ropes and in a few minutes Takao was released.

    Romances of Old Japan | Yei Theodora Ozaki