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take to


  1. to make for; flee to

    to take to the hills

  2. to form a liking for, esp after a short acquaintance

    I took to him straightaway

  3. to have recourse to

    to take to the bottle

  4. take to heart
    to regard seriously

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Example Sentences

But the take-to-the-streets outrage only materialized with Obama in office.

Nothing can take to-day away from us—it's ours beyond the reach of estrangement or change.

The trail we were to take to-day was most of it new, the Silipan Ifugaos having finished it but a short time before our arrival.

No; the place to observe nature is where you are; the walk to take to-day is the walk you took yesterday.

I am off in an hour or two for a forty-mile ride, to take to-morrow's services (four) among soldiers and settlers.

I'll take to-day's eggs to father's store on the way and ask him if he minds our having a little walk.