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take back


  1. to retract or withdraw (something said, written, promised, etc)
  2. to regain possession of
  3. to return for exchange

    to take back a substandard garment

  4. to accept (someone) back (into one's home, affections, etc)
  5. to remind one of the past; cause one to reminisce

    that tune really takes me back

  6. also intr printing to move (copy) to the previous line

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Example Sentences

In Afghanistan, there was a push to take back the southern province Helmand.

The sales rep said he gave Harris screws to take back to the FDA district office in Ontario, California.

The two dealers tried to bargain with Paul: he could take back 80 percent of his paintings, leaving the rest.

At this point, any anti-ISIS coalition that aims to take back central Iraq will be forced to rely on the militias.

Kimberlin, having made his point—this guy was starting a fight to make money—tried to take back the document.

She wanted to take back home sketches of the spots that interested her most on this trip.

She was possibly—no, I take back possibly—she was one of the greatest works of God.

There I met a fellow who freighted me down with pump tools and I had to take back some of the wrenches I borrowed.

The ship porter, when he brought the loaded wheelbarrow, would take back to the ship the empty one.

We could bring you home this afternoon, and your maid would take back word to—to Lady Myrtle Goodacre.'