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take care

  1. Be careful, use caution, as in Take care or you will slip on the ice . [Late 1500s]

  2. Good-bye, as in I have to go now; take care . This apparent abbreviation of take care of yourself is used both orally and in writing, where it sometimes replaces the conventional Sincerely or Love in signing off correspondence. [ Colloquial ; 1960s]

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Example Sentences

The woman in question, meanwhile, has business of her own to take care of—she is reported to be shopping a memoir.

You still have to take care of your sanity, your piece of mind.

“We all need to take care of our own mental health,” Darden said.

After all, how could someone struggling to take care of himself be expected to take responsibility for others?

I wanted to run away right then,” he said, “but I had about 60 staff members in the studio to take care of first.

Take care of a good name: for this shall continue with thee, more than a thousand treasures precious and great.

Could this man, who had been sent out to take care of Indians, get back his San Pasquale farm for him?

He kissed her good-by, and told her she was not looking well and must take care of herself.

As soon as any become vacant, I shall take care to provide for them as speedily as possible, as your Majesty so piously orders me.

Aunt Jennie told our little Hettie that she might have it for her own, if she would take care of it.


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