take cover

Seek protection, find a hiding place, as in It started to pour so we took cover under the trees, or He wanted to avoid the reporters so we said he could take cover in our summer cottage. This term uses cover in the sense of “shelter” or “concealment,” a usage dating from the 1400s.

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How to use take cover in a sentence

  • He pointed out a trail toward the wilderness to the thin little column, told them where to take cover and await his return.

    Valley of the Croen | Lee Tarbell
  • He knew he'd bag this one without trouble, but any others around him would take cover at his first shot.

    Restricted Tool | Malcolm B. Morehart
  • Several times they had to take cover in ditches and weeds as whispering spheres floated overhead in search of prey.

    The Whispering Spheres | Russell Robert Winterbotham
  • One time there were machine guns behind me and they sent a message to me, asking me to lie down and take cover.

    Carry On | Coningsby Dawson
  • Our soldiers certainly have learnt, at last, how to take cover.

    An Autobiography | Elizabeth Butler