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take down


  1. to record in writing
  2. to dismantle or tear down

    to take down an old shed

  3. to lower or reduce in power, arrogance, etc (esp in the phrase to take down a peg )


  1. made or intended to be disassembled

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Example Sentences

Translators—many of whom came by boat themselves—work through the crowds with Italian authorities to take down names and details.

She is a badass who can take down any opponent that stands in her way, regardless of gender.

Gone are the days when ISIS could take down cities in an instant.

So instead of the police mantra to “protect and serve,” it has evolved into something akin to “take down and destroy.”

The letter also ordered her to “take down and disassociat[e] yourself from Ordain Women.”

Mr Moore, I must request you to take down the names of those I see in that corner of the room.

I believe you were the magistrate who attended to take down the deposition of a poor man who died in the Infirmary last night.'

Without any particular attraction to the title, he chanced to take down one of the volumes.

Master, I hope youll not suffer my dame to take down your journeymen.

They are used, one at a time, as the machine is required, to take down or to render back a phonographic message.