take to

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verb (intr, preposition)

to make for; flee toto take to the hills
to form a liking for, esp after a short acquaintanceI took to him straightaway
to have recourse toto take to the bottle
take to heart to regard seriously



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Idioms and Phrases with take to

take to


Have recourse to, go to, as in They took to the woods. [c. 1200]


Develop as a habit or steady practice, as in He took to coming home later and later. [c. 1300]


Become fond of, like, as in I took to him immediately, or The first time she skied she took to it. This expression, from the mid-1700s, is sometimes expanded to take to it like a duck to water, a simile dating from the late 1800s.


take to be. Understand, consider, or assume, as in I took it to be the right entrance. [Mid-1500s] Also see the subsequent entries beginning with take to.

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