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take up arms

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Also, take up the cudgels . Become involved in a conflict, either physical or verbal, as in The Kurds took up arms against the Iranians at least two centuries ago , or Some believe it's the vice-president's job to take up the cudgels for the president . The first term originated in the 1400s in the sense of going to war. The variant, alluding to cudgels as weapons, has been used figuratively since the mid-1600s and is probably obsolescent.

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Example Sentences

When the rule of law and political transition fail to bring about change, disenfranchised and marginalized groups take up arms.

More than a year ago, the Red Skull appeared in a video on the Web urging fighters to take up arms against Maliki.

As much as dad bloggers may take up arms against offensive ads, shows, and sites, they also celebrate when brands get it right.

Many of them share the same goal: to return to their homeland and take up arms against Bashar al-Assad.

When the siege of Aleppo began, his neighbors were eventually forced to take up arms against the regime or flee the city.

That Lawrence, whom he looked upon almost as a son, should take up arms against the South was to him a source of endless regret.

We have decided to take up arms because the liberties of the people and the interests of the nobles are equally threatened.

What made their situation the more critical was the reluctance of the militia and volunteers to take up arms.

As for the others who did not appear, Conrad gave the cross to those who would take up arms against them.

Father swore that no daughter of his should marry a man who would take up arms against the South.


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