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take offense

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Feel resentment or emotional pain, as in I didn't realize he'd take offense when he wasn't invited . [Mid-1800s]

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Example Sentences

May has clearly made a decision not to take offense at coverage of her clothing choices.

We take offense at anything and everything, and savvy media folks shout along all the way to the bank.

Many LGBT students at BYU still take offense at the Honor Code restriction for various reasons.

I worried he might take offense but, to my surprise, Abu Hassar began to laugh too.

Does it become impossible to mention the historic crimes of Ustashe thugs lest law-abiding Croats take offense?

He described the men at the Lion d'Or as truculent, easily ready to take offense, difficult to persuade.

He was a surly old ruffian, quick to take offense, and absolutely fearless.

As a true gentleman, conscious of his strength and his dignity, it should be slow to take offense.

I think she will take offense, do what we may in relation to this territory.

Rynason met his gaze directly, daring the man to take offense.


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