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Origin of talk

1175–1225; Middle English talk(i)en to converse, speak, derivative (with -k suffix) of tale speech, discourse, tale; cognate with Frisian (E dial.) talken

1. See speak. 4, 20. prattle. 34. discourse. 17. colloquy, dialogue, parley, confabulation.

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British Dictionary definitions for talk around



(intr; often foll by to or with) to express one's thoughts, feelings, or desires by means of words (to); speak (to)
(intr) to communicate or exchange thoughts by other meanslovers talk with their eyes
(intr usually foll by about) to exchange ideas, pleasantries, or opinions (about)to talk about the weather
(intr) to articulate words; verbalizehis baby can talk
(tr) to give voice to; utterto talk rubbish
(tr) to hold a conversation about; discussto talk business
(intr) to reveal informationthe prisoner talked after torture
(tr) to know how to communicate in (a language or idiom)he talks English
(intr) to spread rumours or gossipwe don't want the neighbours to talk
(intr) to make sounds suggestive of talking
(intr) to be effective or persuasivemoney talks
now you're talking informal at last you're saying something agreeable
talk big to boast or brag
talk shop to speak about one's work, esp when meeting socially, sometimes with the effect of excluding those not similarly employed
talk the talk to speak convincingly on a particular subject, showing apparent mastery of its jargon and themes; often used in combination with the expression walk the walkSee also walk (def. 18b)
you can talk informal you don't have to worry about doing a particular thing yourself
you can't talk informal you yourself are guilty of offending in the very matter you are decrying


a speech or lecturea talk on ancient Rome
an exchange of ideas or thoughtsa business talk with a colleague
idle chatter, gossip, or rumourthere has been a lot of talk about you two
a subject of conversation; themeour talk was of war
(often plural) a conference, discussion, or negotiationtalks about a settlement
a specific manner of speakingchildren's talk

Derived Formstalkable, adjectivetalkability, nountalker, noun

Word Origin for talk

C13 talkien to talk; related to Old English talu tale, Frisian talken to talk

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Word Origin and History for talk around
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Idioms and Phrases with talk around

talk around

Also, talk round. Persuade, as in I talked him around to my point of view, or He had a hard time talking them round, but they finally agreed to postpone the tournament. Also see talk into.


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