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Origin of talk

1175–1225; Middle English talk(i)en to converse, speak, derivative (with -k suffix) of tale speech, discourse, tale; cognate with Frisian (E dial.) talken

1. See speak. 4, 20. prattle. 34. discourse. 17. colloquy, dialogue, parley, confabulation.

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British Dictionary definitions for talk at

talk at


(intr, preposition) to speak to (a person) in a way that indicates a response is not really wantedI wish he'd talk to me rather than at me


/ (tɔːk) /



Derived Formstalkable, adjectivetalkability, nountalker, noun

Word Origin for talk

C13 talkien to talk; related to Old English talu tale, Frisian talken to talk

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Word Origin and History for talk at
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Idioms and Phrases with talk at

talk at

Speak to someone without regard for or interest in his or her reaction or response. For example, She had a way of talking at us that was quite unpleasant. [First half of 1800s]


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