talk big

Brag, boast, as in I don't believe he's ever shot even a duck, but he sure talks big about hunting. This colloquial idiom was first recorded in 1699.

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How to use talk big in a sentence

  • But ma she tells him 't a man 't never does anything else might as well talk big words as little ones.

    Dorothy at Skyrie | Evelyn Raymond
  • My wife is still in the hills, and we can talk big game without fear of boring the other sex.

    The Tigress | Anne Warner
  • You're like all the rest of them: you talk big, but you really don't want anything very important.

    Twelve Men | Theodore Dreiser
  • You think me a grand gentleman, because I talk big, and am full of noble sentiment.

  • The constable and his mate talk big, a crowd gathers round, and 'A ring!