talk out


  1. tr to resolve or eliminate by talking

    they talked out their differences

  2. tr to block (a bill, etc) in a legislative body by lengthy discussion
  3. talk out of
    to dissuade from by talking

    she was talked out of marriage

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Example Sentences

We did a comedy table and got a bunch of comedians to talk out joke suggestions, because Spider-Man is known for his quips.

Shiites who belong to Hezbollah are careful not to talk out of turn.

Do you sit together and talk out what you want to write, or do you take turns with drafts?

Hendry would have had a talk out of him on the spot, but was reminded of the luggage.

What a comfort it would be if she could talk out her perplexities to him and with him.

"We can't talk out here, and I wish to explain about this wretched rent," said Nettleton.

For certainly 'tis better to say nothing, than talk out of Character, and to ill purpose.

It didn't sting then, though; I was thinking of all the talk out there.





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