talk through


  1. adverb to discuss (a problem or situation) in detail
  2. preposition to explain to (a person) all the stages of a process

    ask a friend to talk you through the exercise

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Example Sentences

Everybody would then meet up about a week before we would start filming and just talk through everything.

The Duchess took part in an initial meeting to talk through the process of the painting.

I also talk through my sentences, say them over and over until they sound right, at which point I type them into the machine.

We just talk through Twitter and text and stuff like that since his management's friends with my management.

He soon became rational again, and began to talk through a crack in the door to an old man whom I took to be his father.

He spoke of his daughter—he did not talk through his nose—he did not cant at all.

Your chamber, I believe, is opposite, and we can talk through the open doors.

He was called "a crank who says he can talk through a wire."

But you can't grumble with any real comfort when you are packed very tightly, and have to talk through a good deal of cotton-wool.





talk someone's arm offtalk through one's hat