tall order

A goal that is hard to fulfill or achieve, as in Getting a thousand new subscribers is a tall order indeed. This expression uses tall in the sense of “impressively great” or “difficult.” [c. 1900]

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How to use tall order in a sentence

  • It is a pretty tall order, my friends, and be careful lest you who would destroy be not destroyed.

    Nat Goodwin's Book | Nat C. Goodwin
  • Two men being killed on one horse seems rather a tall order, yet it is perfectly true.

  • That was a tall order, and in spite of all of youth's enthusiasm was enough to make any young fellow nervous.

    Rung Ho! | Talbot Mundy
  • “A tall order that,” said Cleek with one of his curious, one-sided smiles.

    Cleek of Scotland Yard | Thomas W. Hanshew
  • It was a tall order, that; but as the bridge was up there was no other way.

    The Valley of Fear | Sir Arthur Conan Doyle